2nd Workshop on Relativity: A Tale of Spacetime

"There was a door to which I found no key
There was veil past which I could not see."
- Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

For over 200 years the equations of motion enunciated by Newton were believed to describe nature correctly, and the first time that an error in these laws was discovered, the way to correct it was also discovered. Both the error and its correction were discovered by Einstein in 1905, often described as his annus mirabilis, a wonderful year in which he came up with this remarkable idea: Special Relativity.

What is it that you first think of when you encounter the word relativity? Very likely there will come to your mind the name of Albert Einstein, or the famous equation, or a vision of space travelers returning youthful from trips of many years’ duration. This is a well-deserved tribute to the enormous intellectual impact- still effective, more than a century after the event.

There is little doubt that relativity theory captures the imagination. Nor is it surprising: the counter-intuitive properties of special relativity, the bizarre characteristics of spacetime, or the so-called twin paradox, and with it the advent of world line, and the exciting prospect of event horizon, and the nature of reality, and its posing of ultimate questions; these and other issues combine to excite the minds of the inquisitive. Yet, if we are to look at these issues meaningfully, then we really require both physical insight and a sound mathematical foundation.

Considering huge public demand on this subject, Community of physics is going to organize their eighth workshop, "2nd Workshop on Relativity: A Tale of Spacetime”. This time some new, more rigorous topics have been added to the syllabus. Rigorous mathematics and physical applications both have been given equal priority as always it has been.

The workshop is intended for university students only. Starting at 8:00 AM on February 26, 2018, it will be ended at 5:30 PM on March 03, 2018, making it a six-day workshop. The workshop is totally free of fees.

It is our immense pleasure to inform that the Farmgate branch of 'UNMESH Medical & Dental Admission Care' has graciously agreed to provide us the venue for the workshop. We heartily thank them.

The venue address
UNMESH Medical & Dental Admission Care
Concord Tower (4th Floor)
Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh

For detailed information, you can contact the following persons.

Fariha Tasnim
Public Relations Coordinator
Department of Public Affairs
Division of Outreach
Community of Physics
Phone: +880-1835-139210

Monisha Rani Mohonto
Editorial Assistant
Carved Papyrus
Division of Administration
Community of Physics
Phone: +880-1860-751939

You can also send an email to the Outreach Help Desk to inquire more about the workshop.

Online application for the workshop is going on. Fill-up the application form below.