Forthcoming | 1st Workshop on Differential Geometry: Einstein's Insight

This June Community of Physics brings you the most mathematically elegant and abstract workshop so far, the "1st Workshop on Differential Geometry: Einstein's Insight". The workshop will also include Einstein's general relativity as an application of differential geometry. The workshop will cover the following topics.

1. Geometrodynamics in Brief, 2. Special Relativity, 3. Exterior Differential Calculus Differentiation, 4. Exterior Integral Calculus, 5. Electromagnetic Fields, 6. Geometric representation of Electromagnetism, 7. The Big Picture, 8. Non-Metric Spaces, 9. Geodesics, 10. Parallel Transport, 11. Covariant Derivative, 12. Geodesic Deviation, 13. Spacetime Curvature, 14. The Metric Tensor, 15. Calculation of Curvature 1, 16. Calculation of Curvature 2, 17. Bianchi Identity: Abstract Representation, 18. Bianchi Identity: Geometric Representation, 19. Newton’s Geometrostatics, 20. Einstein’s Geometrodynamics

Please contact the following personnel if any assistance is required.

Sheikh Ismail Hossain
Chapter Relations Administrator
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Division of Outreach
Community of Physics
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