Upcoming | 3rd Workshop on Differential Equations: Gateway to Physics

Community of Physics is going to arrange the "3rd Workshop on Differential Equations" this October. Differential Equation is one of the most important topics of pure mathematics used to describe physics. From Newtonian mechanics to special relativity, almost every branch of physics uses differential equations. Every equation in physics in its basic form is a differential equation. So, solving differential equations lies in the very heart of physics. Solving a differential equation is not as easy as writing it down. Memorizing the solution to each and every form is an almost impossible task. We are arranging this workshop to make this seemingly impossible task possible. Our main target audience are freshman and sophomores at undergraduate level, but any undergraduate is eligible to join the workshop. Like our previous workshops, there will be NO REGISTRATION FEE.

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Registration will continue till 1 October, 2019. The final participant list will be uploaded before 2nd October, 2019.

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Shaher Azad
Director of Public Affairs
Community of Physics