Upcoming | 3rd Workshop on Classical Mechanics: Cauchy’s Big Idea

 This May, Community of Physics is going to arrange the “3rd Workshop on Classical Mechanics: Cauchy’s Big Idea”. In this workshop, we will discuss basic concepts and applications of continuum mechanics.

Continuum mechanics, a branch of classical mechanics, deals with solid and fluids. The number of constituents in these materials is so large that a continuum description becomes necessary to analyze them. The subject has quite a history and its relevance to and usefulness in modern physics is by no means diminutive.

The workshop will first touch on some mathematical preliminaries. Thereafter, we will dive into the details of solid and fluid mechanics. At the very end, there will be an introductory discussion on magnetohydrodynamics(MHD) and turbulence. Detailed topic list is uploaded on the event page.

Augustin Louis Cauchy first formulated the continuum description for materials. To commemorate his contribution, we have set the tagline of the workshop as “Cauchy’s Big Idea”.

As always, attending the workshop will be free of charge, however, a strong SOP is expected in the application.

The workshop will be held online over Google Meet. The selected participants will be added to a Google Classroom where further instructions will be provided.

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