1st Workshop on Classical Mechanics: From Newton to Lagrange

"Why do the planets orbit in ellipses? Why are there two high-tides a day rather than one? Why does the water flowing down a plughole swirl? Who will win the race going down an inclined frictionless plane, a rectangular box or a sphere?" To answer these and many other perplexing questions in classical mechanics, Community of Physics has organized “1st Workshop on Classical Mechanics: From Newton to Lagrange”. Despite being an age old theory, in many areas like space-vehicle designing, it is the only theory to work with. But many students find the subject challenging due to its mathematical nature. Considering the importance of the subject and the demand of the audience, Community of Physics has taken the step to organize the workshop focusing on classical mechanics, especially, the Newtonian formulation.

The workshop was basically designed for university students, but was kept open for all. More than four hundred students, from various universities and colleges across the country, had applied for the workshop. Only 81 of the applicants were selected. Projectile motion, oscillation and Kepler motion were covered in the workshop together with fundamental theories such as Newton's laws of motion, Newtonian gravity, motion in non-inertial frames and Lagrangian formalism.

The event of the workshop was held in Udvash Academic and Admission Care, Malek Tower, Farmgate, Dhaka 1205. Governing body of the organization voluntarily supported us providing the venue. The whole event was sponsored by Lalbagh Chemical and Perfumery Works Limited. Starting from February 17, 2016, the workshop lasted for five days. There were back-to-back sessions of eight hours each day, with one-hour lunch break. Intense topics, even with this long exposure, couldn't break the enthusiasm of the participants. The workshop ended through a certificate giving and closing ceremony on February 21, 2016.

In the examination, held on the fifth day of the workshop, Sheikh Asif Imran Shouborno secured first position, Mursalin Habib secured second position and Shaumik Rahman Ayon secured third position. All of them were from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

We express our gratitude to all the presenters for their well-organized presentations and their sleepless hard works for preparing them. Special thanks to Lalbagh Chemical and Perfumery Works Limited for bearing all the expenses of the workshop. We are most thankful to the governing body of Udvash Academic and Admission Care. Without their kind help, this workshop wouldn’t be possible.


After completing the registration process, the volunteers had distributed the T-shirts among participants. Then presenter Ashiqul Islam Dip started his presentation. The day was consisted of another three presentations presented by Md. Arafat Hossen, Md. Tomal Hossain and Nafisa Alam Eshi.

Second, Third and Fourth Day

On the second day, presenters were Rehab Binte Hashem, Najia Moureen Binte Amin, Md. Mehdi Hassan and Md. Salah Uddin. On the third day, presentations were conducted by Md. Tomal Hossain, Md. Arafat Hossen and Ashiqul Islam Dip. And on the fourth day, Md. Arafat Hossen, Md. Forman Ullah and Ashiqul Islam Dip were the presenters.

Closing Ceremony

On the fifth day, there was one presentation which was conducted by Ashiqul Islam Dip. Then there was a two and a half hours long open-book examination on classical mechanics. In the examination, Sheikh Asif Imran Shouborno, Mursalin Habib and Shaumik Rahman Ayon secured first, second and third position respectively.