Follower Enrollment (Track 2) 2020-2021

Doctoral and Masters students who intend to take classes, learn general relativity and gravitational waves, and take part in outreach activities of Community of Physics (CP) in the forthcoming year, should get enrolled through the ongoing procedure of “Follower Enrollment (Track 2A) 2021-2022”.

On the successful completion of the above-mentioned enrollment process, the followers will get the opportunity to take the course “Contemporary Natural Philosophy CNP01/2022”, where they (followers) will develop a firm foundation on Einstein’s general relativity. In the course, the followers will learn special relativity, differential geometry, Einstein’s equations, black holes, along with the ADM formalism of general relativity. Upon completion of CNP01/2022 with satisfactory grades, the followers will get an opportunity to get enrolled in the course “Gravitational Wave Astrophysics GWA01/2022”, where they will study gravitational waves, one of the most compelling discoveries of the 21st century. The course will cover formal aspects of gravitational waves, especially, gravitational radiation, black hole perturbation theory, numerical relativity along with the study of interferometric detectors. In addition, there will be a short training on Einstein Toolkit.[1]

Graduate students from Physics, Theoretical Physics, Applied Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering can apply for this (Track 2A) enrollment process. Current senior students, who expect to graduate no later than January 2022, can also apply.

The prospective followers must complete their applications properly. On the successful submission of their applications, the applicants will be added to a Google Classroom, where they will be asked to upload their academic documents (e.g., academic transcripts). Then the prospective followers will sit for the “Track 2A Entrance Examination 2021-2022” (a take-home test of 100 marks) and upload their answer scripts on Google Classroom. After finishing the aforesaid sections, the followers will be invited to schedule and attend an interview over Skype. Upon successful completion of all the above-mentioned segments, the “Track 2A Follower Enrollment Committee” will make the decision regarding the application. Accepted followers will be provided with CP Moodle accounts to access the courses they intend to enroll in (e.g., CNP01/2022).

The classes of CNP01/2022 begin on January 02, 2022. The course consists of 24 classes (4 hours each on Sundays), 24 homework assignments, 2 mid-term examinations, and 1 final examination. Classes of CNP01/2022 end on June 12, 2022. The classes of GWA01/2022 starts on July 03, 2022. In addition to 24 homework assignments and 3 examinations, there will be a project presentation and report submission in GWA01/2022. The course ends on December 18, 2022. All the activities and classes will be conducted online. Prospective followers who wish to be members in future must enroll in “Management and Professional Development MPD01/2022”, starting on January 01, 2022, making the commitment of completing CNP01/2022.[2]

Attending CP courses are (as always) free of costs, however, completing them requires the display of passion for physics and outstanding patience on the followers’ part. Application for “Follower Enrollment (Track 2A) 2021-2022” is going on. Submit your application before the application portal closes.

  1. The Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics.
  2. To learn more about the membership rules and regulations, click here.