Management and Professional Development MPD01/2020 is a training and development course for followers who are looking to become members of the Community of Physics. Like with any other organization, it is necessary to acquire certain traits and practical skills, such as understanding core values of the organization, leadership skills, professionalism, familiarity with popular computer software etc. to be an effective and productive member. MPD01/2020 course will provide complete training to followers, with the specific needs of the Community of Physics as a non-profit research organization in mind, so that they can become productive members.
    Type: Online (Google Hangouts)
    Lectures: Saturday at 10:00 PM (BST/UTC+6)
    Duration: 2:00 Hours  
    Span: 24 Lectures and 24 Homeworks
    Length: 6 Months
    Prerequisites: None
    Credits: 3.0