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Since the undertaking of efforts to comprehend the motion of celestial bodies to modern-day efforts of discovering the governing laws of the universe, Classical Mechanics has sustained its evolving and enriching nature and being the embodiment of philosophy of physics. In course of time, Classical Mechanics-borne research frontiers are only growing, in parallel to other surging lucrative fields of physics. This course ‘Classical Mechanics CM01/2019’ offers an adventurous journey from the very basic to the edge of research frontiers in an elaborate scheme. The participants will walk through the course-works including regular home-works, midterm examinations, and final examinations only to strengthen their understanding of the features of the enriched subject.

    Type: Offline (Onsite)
    Lectures: Friday at 8:00AM (BST/UTC+6.00)
    Duration: 4:00 Hours
    Span: 96 Lectures, 8 Midterm examinations, 4 Final examinations 
    Length: 24 Months
    Prerequisites: Preliminary Natural Philosophy PNP01/2018
    Credits: 12.0

In recent decades, general relativity (GR) has become an integral and indispensable part of modern physics. Due to its research potential, GR has attracted many contemporary researchers and students. The course 'General Relativity in Brief GRB01/2018' will explore most of the standard topics of the subject and provide a first-hand research experience on general relativity. Everyone has to submit one project at the end of the course.

    Type: Online (Google Hangouts)
    Lectures: Sunday at 8:00 pm (BST)
    Duration: 4:00 Hours
    Span: 24 Lectures & 1 Presentation
    Length: 6 Months
    Prerequisites: Contemporary Natural Philosophy CNP01/2018
    Credits: 3.0